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Submission charitable act to assist the needy. One of the most important commandments of the Torah, which decides (Deuteronomy 15): "Do not harden your heart, not cover your hands before poor brother ... you have to give him, and let not pity your heart when you give him, because for it Almighty bless thee in any case ... cutting his hand in front of your brother - the poor and needy. "

On site of  Khust Jewish Community you can make a donation to support community development in city. The collected funds will be used for the needs Khust synagoge, Jewish cemeteries, support community in the city and area. Make charity you can personally visiting a synagogue that in downtown of Khust.
By making a donation you for helping not just one person, but to the entire Jewish people. The community of the city of Khust has a very rich history, many people from Khust now live in Israel, America, Canada, but we do all the Jews of the city of Hust always had the opportunity to participate in Jewish Khust .

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